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Soundbite Theology December 4, 2006

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Tonight, a good friend of mine was complimenting me on my speaking voice after I did some narration for my church’s Living Christmas Tree. (Note: The link is to a tree similar to what my church does. That’s not my church, or our tree.) In accepting his compliment, I acknowleged that I felt that God had blessed me with a voice for public speaking, and felt compelled to put forth my best effort.

He responded by saying “Collossians 3:23… Whatever you do, do it as you would do it unto the Lord and not for men.”

In spite of the fact that I have been active in the Baptist church all of my life (including my time “in utero”), there are times that someone quoting scripture rubs me the wrong way. “Why?” you might ask, since what my friend said seemed completely valid, and perfectly in-context.


The best way for me to describe my negative reaction, is to introduce you to the term that comes to mind, which is the title of this blog: Soundbite theology. It drives me absolutely nutty. (more…)

Questions of Faith August 15, 2006

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I have a few questions


  • Why is it that so many of us who are Christians… (more…)

Calculating American Stupidity June 2, 2006

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There are any number of metrics that people regularly apply to guage IQ. In the United States, this is sometimes hotly debated, but frequently demonstrated.


As Menken observed, it is hard to lose money underestimating the intelligence of the middle class. Accordingly, there are times that the stupidity of the American people can be easily measured. Today appears to be one of those times. (more…)

Silent Sentinel May 19, 2006

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At night, I look up in the sky, and see the silent sentinel. Every night, it circumscribes its path across the sky, a quiet observer.


More on Monoculture February 18, 2006

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Since posting a discussion about the inherent dangers of monoculture in the areas of faith, I’ve had several interesting discussions (online and off) about possible flaws in the original premise: that the “Microsoft monoculture” poses an inherent threat to computer systems, and therefore our information infrastructure. Dan Geer posed this argument at the Usenix 2004 conference.

As quoted by SearchSecurity.com, Geer’s argument was countered by Microsoft Strategist Scott Charney, who posed an analogy of Southwest Airlines, which relies on Boeing 737 airplanes exclusively. Charney argued that there are benefits to a monoculture, in terms of deployment costs and procedures, that make up for any possible risks due to common weaknesses.

Charney’s point is valid, but in the same way that he accused Geer of misapplying the agricultural analogy of how the American South’s cotton economy was devistated by the boll weevil or how the Irish potato farmers reliance on a single crop put their nation at risk. I would like to counter that Charney’s 737 analogy is similarly flawed, and furthermore that a monoculture of political ideology has some of the same risks as the monoculture of theology I described earlier.