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In the Stillness of Christmas Eve December 25, 2007

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It’s after Midnight, and I’ve finished my wrapping and tucked my handiwork under the tree. Likewise, I’ve stuffed the boys’ stockings, and made sure everything was ready for Christmas morning. Now I sit in the dark, gazing at the lights of the tree.

Christmas Tree

This is something of a personal tradition for me, dating back to my pre-teen days. Back then I would grab a blanket, settle down over one of the floor-mounted heating vents, and let my mind wander. (more…)

Don’t Let Yesterday… January 12, 2007

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in anger, Fear, Learning, life, Love, Reflections, Seasons, Success.

…be a prison for today.

All of us have had things in our past that were difficult or painful. For me, there is no shortage of bad memories for me to play back in my mind, over and over. However, at some point, if we keep replaying those events in our mind, they become the TV show we hate to watch, but somehow find it on every channel, all day long.


What haunts you? What memories lurk in the shadows, waiting for you to give them life and breath by revisiting them? What do you have to do to “let go” of them?

My experience is that such things, theoretically locked up in yesterday, can be a prison for today, stealing away my life. Fortunately, I have the power to cast off those bonds and chains. I have to find a way to let go.