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Online Security and Safety December 17, 2008

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Instead of just telling everyone the same thing over and over, I’ve tried to codify my recent advice about keeping your system safe and secure online into one document. I’ll be moving this to my “Protecting PCs” page soon.

Please note that this advice is primarily intended for home users. Much of this applies to businesses, but there are some additional things a business should do that aren’t feasible for the home user. (more…)

Who Would You Call? December 30, 2007

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Besides Ghostbusters.

Here’s the scenario:

You’re stranded on a busy expressway late at night, your family in the car with you. The outside temperature is in the low 20’s. You’re in an old car, long since paid for, but sadly, not covered by towing insurance. In fact, it’s not clear how far you might be to a towing service, or how far it might be for them to tow you to civilization, much less your home.

You get out your cell phone and try to decide who to call at such a late hour. You look through your phone’s contact list. Name after name scrolls by. Who would you call if you need to be rescued in such a situation?

tow truck

I am asking this hypothetically, but I’m curious about the real answer for any of us. Who do we call, and why do we call them instead of someone else?

Gospel DRM? January 16, 2007

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Monday night, several friends from church were talking about church growth, technology, and other issues, and one of them mentioned Napster and people stealing content. One of the industry responses to this is Digital Rights Management, or “DRM.” Lots of tech people hate DRM, for various reasons, but a common mantra is “information wants to be free.”

bible_cd (more…)

IT Security & Parenting: Trust but Verify May 26, 2006

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During the height of the Cold War, President Reagan formalized a policy for dealing with the former Soviet Union. In retrospect, I think his approach seems beneficial in both the realm of IT Security and in Parenting teenagers.
Reagan (more…)

Identity: Security Mechanisms and the Perception of Worth May 17, 2006

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In the security business, there are familiar mechanisms for establishing who you are, and why you deserve access to a building, an area, a computer, and so on. We use similar mechanisms to place value upon celebrities, people in positions of power, and even upon friends and acquaintances. Isn’t it odd that we seem to use similar things for such (apparently) dissimilar purposes?