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Breakfast Epiphanies December 2, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Family, Food, Love, Parenting/Children, Sleep Deprivation.

This week, I fixed breakfast and ate it with my youngest son four of the five days. (On Monday, he overslept a bit, so I handed him an omlet-wrap on his way out the door.) I noticed something strange on those four mornings.

We talked.


Now, that may not seem like such a big deal, but when your son is about to turn 16, any conversation at all is memorable. In this case, they weren’t just memorable–they were good. (more…)

The rumours of my death… October 28, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Sleep Deprivation, Workplace.

…are slightly exaggerated.

Thank you for the e-mails asking why I haven’t posted. This past week was extremely busy and stressful, including a couple of consecutive days where I worked 23 hours and 20 hours, without so much as leaving the office.

I am WAAAAAYYY too old for that… uhm… stuff. 😀