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Not-So-Great Moments in News Aggregation March 27, 2008

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On Tuesday, the same day that Wired Magazine was discussing the value of people versus algorithms in filtering the maze of the Internet, I saw the following on Google’s news page:


I love Google News, but if there was ever a reason to consider a human over an algorithm in composing a news feed, this was it.

PPC-6700: Waiting for it to Die January 2, 2008

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Some time ago, I wrote up a feature comparison between the PPC-6700 (I have the version from Sprint) and the iPhone. Here, I will try to avoid making iPhone comparisons, largely because I’m highly unlikely to become an iPhone user until that phone is available on the Sprint network.


Instead, I’m going to give you an idea of why I’m learning to hate this phone. (Note: All of the colorful language that so frequently comes to mind when using this phone has been carefully edited out. This is a family show.) (more…)

Live OneCare Not Recommended on Vista February 7, 2007

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In an surprising turn of events, the Vista version of Microsoft’s own antivirus solution, “Live OneCare,” has failed to meet Virus Bulletin’s VB100 certification. This follows closely on the heels of Apple recommending that iTunes users not upgrade to Vista due to incompatibilities.


Strangely, neither Apple nor Microsoft officials could be reached for comment. (This is most likely because it was nearly midnight when I wrote this, but also had to do with me not trying to reach anyone at those companies for a comment.) Reportedly though, laughter could be heard from near Cupertino. (more…)

WhatsWrongWithMicrosoft.com February 6, 2007

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Large corporations tend to copy each other. They copy management styles and productivity themes. If you lived in corporate American in the 90’s and early 00’s, you saw your cheese move, learned to catch falling co-workers in woodland settings, and learned quality control the “six sigma” way.

In an apparent attempt to match the stupidity of the National Football League, Microsoft is taking a… well, proactive approach to learning more about the Asian markets where the xBox is apparently not doing well.

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Five Rules of Bluetooth Headset Usage January 26, 2007

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Bluetooth, Fashion, Geeks, Humor, PPC-6700, Science & Technology, Stupidity, Technology.

“Picard to Enterprise… prepare to beam two aboard!”


Bluetooth headsets. They are extremely cool technology, and most of the time*, they work well, even for non-technical users.** It’s a bit “Star Trek-y.” Unfortunately, they are approaching iPods as the latest form of “technology masquerading as a fashion accessory.” (more…)