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Spotted: The Ethiopian Hillbillies April 2, 2007

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This picture captures much of the absurdity I saw while I was driving around downtown Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. I have no idea where this vehicle was going, but I’m pretty sure I saw Jethrow in the driver’s seat.


Out of Africa March 20, 2007

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I’m back from the trip, and am almost coherent again. I spent about 8 days in Djibouti, and the rest of my time in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. All in all, it was a wonderfully productive trip. I enjoyed lots of time elbow-to-elbow with my childhood best friend, and he and I accomplished a lot while we were there.

I took lots of pictures, but for now, here are a couple that I snagged with my camera phone:


(OK, that wasn’t taken in Africa. That’s the business end of a Ford GT sitting in the Dubai airport.)


That’s a panorama of three images I took of the Ghourbet, which is part of the Gulf of Arden. To see exactly where I was when I took that pic, the Google Map location is here.

ghourbet island

The last picture is of the small island that you can see in the Google map. I took this pic, standing in a few inches of water, roughly at the center of the map, looking East.

Incommunicado March 1, 2007

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I’m about to be “away” for an extended period. I’m heading to East Africa with a childhood best friend to help with some hunger-relief projects, help him move to a new house, and help him tie up some odds and ends related to the move. I’ll be offline, for the most part, until late on the 14th.

Don’t trash the place up too bad while I’m out. 😉 – Tim

Crashing Waves and Warm Banana Bread December 28, 2006

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On the road to Hana, my family stopped at a little stand selling banana bread near Kaenae Peninsula. Below is the view from the shore, across the street from the stand.

waves at Kaenae

Sorry for the camera shake. I was munching warm banana bread with the other hand. 😀

Six Feet Under December 25, 2006

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This is one of my favorite pictures, and the inspiration hit me on a complete whim. The three of us had been playing football on the beach, and I realized that (with my oldest in college) we might not get a chance to dip all 30 of our toes in the Pacific Ocean again soon.

6 Feet

The Pacific Ocean has had all of our feet dipped in its surf, but I doubt that it has changed as a result. Fortunately, the same can’t be said about the three of us.