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Exposed, Disposed, Deposed, Despots December 31, 2006

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Recently, Tiffany blogged about the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the culpability of the United States (and specifically, President Bush) for “war crimes.” While I am no fan of our current foreign policy (or lack thereof), and struggle greatly with the actions of my country in Iraq, I’ve been more inclined to look at the developing situation and ask “What do we do now?”


The hanging of Saddam brings new questions and new concerns, and clearly will not magically bring an end to violence in Iraq. What it does do, is bring closure to the reign of a tyrant. (more…)

Misreading the News: Rice Negotiations? October 7, 2006

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Two news stories were side-by-side this morning in my RSS inbox. The first looked at the looming nuclear crisis with Iran: (more…)

Pacifism vs Violence, FPS, and World Peace July 17, 2006

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Recently, I have debated the relative merits of gun ownership, first person shooters, and the ethics of pacifism with a couple of close friends. In both cases, they were surprised to discover that I was a gun-owner, given that I have every indication of being a non-violent man.


The truth is, I am non-violent in nature. However, I see the goal of world peace and the realities of pacifism in a different light from my friends. (more…)