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Listen to the Snow February 18, 2007

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in beauty, snow, Winter.

Have you ever listened to the snow? No?

Listen. Carefully.


You have to be so very quiet that you can almost hear your own heartbeat. There may not seem to be a sound, but there is. It’s a soft “scoosh… scoosh… scoosh” when the flakes hit.

The world falls silent, as the blanket of snow muffles the sounds of the modern world. Go outside, and listen to the snow.

The Dog Laughed at Me February 14, 2007

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Dogs, Flatulence, Fun, Laughter, Stupidity, Winter.

So I’m taking the dog out to put him on his chain, part of my morning ritual. Since I’ll be going back inside, I’m just wearing a polo shirt in the freezing cold. I’ll be driving the van again today (too much ice for the S2000), so I’ve got the keys in my left hand, and the dog’s collar in my right.


As I lean down to grab the dog’s chain, I have the sudden realization that my feet are somehow airborne, and my butt is milliseconds from hitting the ground. BAM! (more…)