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Unemployment, Week 2 March 5, 2009

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I’m now several days into this unemployment thing, and a couple of things have caught my attention. I’m still processing this, but felt that the observations were worth noting. (more…)

Incommunicado March 1, 2007

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I’m about to be “away” for an extended period. I’m heading to East Africa with a childhood best friend to help with some hunger-relief projects, help him move to a new house, and help him tie up some odds and ends related to the move. I’ll be offline, for the most part, until late on the 14th.

Don’t trash the place up too bad while I’m out. 😉 – Tim

WhatsWrongWithMicrosoft.com February 6, 2007

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Large corporations tend to copy each other. They copy management styles and productivity themes. If you lived in corporate American in the 90’s and early 00’s, you saw your cheese move, learned to catch falling co-workers in woodland settings, and learned quality control the “six sigma” way.

In an apparent attempt to match the stupidity of the National Football League, Microsoft is taking a… well, proactive approach to learning more about the Asian markets where the xBox is apparently not doing well.

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Art of Failure Part 2: 3 Ways to Learn from Negative Feedback November 10, 2006

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In the first half of this essay, I talked about ways to give effective negative feedback. This is difficult, because we’re conditioned to be negative in unhealthy and destructive ways, which encourages some to abandon negative communication altogether.


I’m convinced that negative feedback has been given a bad rap. Regardless of whether it’s in connection with correcting the behavior of children, players, or subordinates, I’ve seen evidence that some of the greatest in any particular field seem to draw inspiration and strength from past failures. Ultimately, where’s the balance? Why is it that negative feedback has such a positive effect on some, but such a negative effect on others? How much is it dependent on the recipient? (more…)

Back to Normal (Whatever that is…) November 7, 2006

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Work has calmed down and now I suppose things in my life will return to normal. Now is as good a time as any to step back and look at the priorities in my life, and make sure that the hours I invest correspond to the things that I really believe are most important.

Gone are the nights staying up until 1:00am. Gone are the mornings of getting up bleary-eyed from not enough sleep. Gone are the long phone conversations into another time zone. Gone are the worries about meeting someone, making the right impression, and making sure that all the little details are “just right.” I won’t worry about setting the ringer on the phone so that it wakes me up, but not anyone else. Gone are the 4-5 hour drives across several states. Gone are the days of making sure that the phone is glued to my hip, just in case…

Yes, all these things are going to slip quietly into memories…

Why don’t I feel good about it?