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Classic Rocking


The hour’s late, we’re fast asleep
Softly snoring, slumbering deep
But then I wake to hear a cry
And so I rush into his room
An ancient promise, mine to keep

And so I hold him my chest
To try to calm him back to rest
A darkened room, a muffled sigh
I start to rock, and very soon
I sense that this is how I’m blessed

Against my chest he rests his ear
And softly, just for him to hear
I sing a song, no lullaby
But to me, familiar tune
A hymn from church, from yesteryear

But those don’t always do the trick
So I must think up something quick
Another song for me to try
A ballad now for me to croon
Something slow’s what I should pick

And so I sing some classic rock
With one eye peeping t’wards the clock
But these days oh, will quickly fly
And be gone like a child’s balloon
So a little longer we will rock


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