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We joined a group, perhaps for wealth
But truth be known, we came in stealth
It was a cause, a larger thing
Noble purpose, grand in scale
Strong resolve, unquestioned health

Not just brick and glass and wood
A place of pride, where values stood
Our very soul into it bring
Adventures for which we set sail
But now it ends, like all things good

And now recall the days gone by
No heavy heart, or weary sigh
But ever silly songs we’d sing
The ignorance at which we’d rail
Fruitless, but at least we’d try

Let’s think of skits, and merry play
Delivering all the hell to pay
For foolish souls, who would be king
Embarrassed, oh, but then they’d pale
Let’s keep these fresh like yesterday

Frozen in time, recollections deep
We pause to laugh, and not to weep
We shouldn’t hold, and ever cling
To what we did, to feel we fail
But memory postcards, we can keep


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