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Hit and Run Hug

He’s in his room
I’m at my desk
We’re both at work
Making a mess
But then I hear
A floorboard creak
And turn to see
Him in full sneak

And then he jumps
As if to scare
Tryin’ to catch
Me unaware
He’s sad but then
He stops to check
And reaches up
Around my neck

A pause and then
He’s off and gone
Another game
He’s playing on
I never know
I have to shrug
When I’ll receive
Another hug

Oh years from now
I’ll sit and wait
And worry when
He stays out late
But for tonight
I watch him sleep
And remember this
In memories deep

For not long hence
It won’t look tough
To hold my hand
And show me love
But that’s okay
‘Cause that embrace
Made in my heart
A lifelong place


1. cecilia77 - February 1, 2007


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