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I Played Football Too

I dreamed a lot, in rocking chairs
When you were small, we didn’t know
From a baby’s room, it’s hard to see
What games you’d play, or how you’d grow
The autumn breeze, and leaves that turn
You want to play, you want to learn
Out in the yard, just me and you
You’ll know, ‘cause I’ll play football too

We dress them up like little soldiers
Then we send them off to war
“Fight the fight” “Win the battle”
What are they really fighting for?
Armor-clad, they move in time
Strictly moving, line by line
I feel the pride, for each of you
I know, ‘cause I played football too

Months ahead they start to train
Moving feet they stomp and stamp
Learning to opponents rattle
Seems all too much a kid’s boot camp
But they learn fast, don’t miss a beat
Or barking coaches will repeat
“It’s not that tough, least not for you
I know, ‘cause I played football too”

On early morn’s, the games begin
Helmets on! “Lock and load”
But that phrase haunts my ringing ears
And my mind’s eye looks down a road
To other battles… life and death
And will they take, your last breath?
But I can’t take, the place for you
I know, ‘cause I played football too

Dirt and mud and bodies torn
But victory is all we seek
We push you to forget your fears
To find the strength and not be weak
If we must fight, and violence tame
Let’s do so here, within a game
For distant battles might keep you
From playing ball, with your son too


1. Sima - August 19, 2019

In a dwell game there are additional hills; bets are created more frequently on little hands.

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