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River Banks

(for Lisa, 1958-2001, my favorite atheist)

We sit down
On river banks
And afterwards
You tell me thanks
Sitting here
On my heart yanks
It’s getting late, we have to go

Talking here
We’re side by side
Crossing dreams
And rivers wide
If we fail
At least we tried
I’d just hate, to never know

The water gone, beneath the bridge
I can’t change, but I can see
Water moves, the mountain ridge
Funny too, it changes me

Make a joke
I get a shove
Look at stars
There up above
To share this love
Maybe fate, put on this show

Soft embrace
A tearful sigh
Soon enough
We’ll say goodbye
You ask me why
At any rate, the river flows

Now you’re gone, all alone
I can’t bring, you back to see
What I learned, things you’d shown
Funny too, how you changed me


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