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The Top 5 Things I’ll Miss the Most

(written on 6/24/2000)

Today I thought I’d make a list
The top five things I’ll miss the most
Now that mom has gone away
To go and join the heavn’ly host

I thought of things she’d done for me
And things that she’s done for my boys
A grandma’s hug, a grandma’s kiss
A birthday gift or Christmas toys

I thought of times that I’d been bad
And she would have to whoop my rump
And I would flee with lightning speed
And faster feet than Forrest Gump

I thought of fixing plumbing leaks
And arguing over silly things
Of different people she’d take in
She’d treat them all like they were kings

So today I thought I’d make a list
The top five things that I’d recall
The memories of what I’ll miss
The truth is I will miss them all


1. Laura - December 28, 2006


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