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Your Crying Place

I went into the laundry room
The room where you had washed my clothes
I knew this was a private place
I knew this was your crying place
Somewhere that you could hide your face
Or share with God things just He knows

I guess that some would find it strange
For you to go to such a place
And here to shed your private tears
And here to share your private fears
And here you knew the Father hears
And held you in a warm embrace

So now I stand here in the room
The crying place you’ve had for years
I can’t come back here to be strong
For all too soon we’ll all be gone
The house will sell before too long
So in these days I’ll spend time here

I hope it doesn’t bother you
I hope you would not think it wrong
For me to find this private place
To come in here and hide my face
To make this room my crying place
I promise not to stay here long


1. ekalaivan - September 10, 2007

Too good. I liked it.
That’s all I can say.
Have a good day!


2. Simonne - May 28, 2008

Powerful stuff. Most women I know go to the bathroom or the laundry to cry – weird. You write beautifully.

3. Tim - May 28, 2008


Thank you.

I’ve often wondered about that, since (as you noted) these seem to be common places. In Mom’s case, I found her there, generally by accident, because I wanted to ask her some silly question. She seemed OK with my “discovery,” but we didn’t really talk about the reasons for this remote room to have become such a sanctuary.

Interestingly, Mom was someone who could seem incredibly “hard” about a great number of issues, and surprisingly “soft” about others. Childbirth, coming to anyone she knew, was always a source of tears and apprehension, having lost a daughter just a few days after she was born. In contrast, Mom looked at animals, even her pets, as… animals. She talked to them, loved them, but at the end of the day never put the on the same level with people, probably because of growing up on a farm.

I wonder if women are behaviorally similar in this regard (choosing a private place to release hard-to-express emotion), where men seem to have a variety of mechanisms for this. Interesting question. – Tim

Gabrielle Mueller - September 26, 2011

I can only speak for myself. I don’t have a specific private place to release emotions. I tend to release them when I feel them, unfortunately. It puts me at a bit of a disadvantage when someone hurts me.

Becky VanCleave - September 27, 2011

I don’t know you, but I think this speaks for a lot of women from my mother’s generation..women who didn’t want to cry openly.

4. Tom - May 10, 2015

Thanks for reposting link Tim, well written and spot on…

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