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What Happens in the Bathroom… Ends Up in the Blog September 11, 2008

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Parenting/Children.
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This morning, after letting the dog out for his morning ritual, I decided to go to the bathroom myself. This is not really something earth-shaking or momentus, because it’s not that unusual for a middle-aged man to make an early morning trip like this, but it caused me to do  something that I rarely do, and something I’m unlikely to do in the near future.

I went into a bathroom used almost exclusively by a teenage boy. (more…)

How to Know it’s Going to be a Crappy Day April 29, 2008

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Humor.
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It’s 5:30 AM, and nature calls. However, as you enter the bathroom bleary-eyed, you note that the toilet is clogged. This is your first sign.

After a quick trip to another toilet to deal with the most immediate problem, you locate the plunger. Even in the stupor of less than 5 minutes of consciousness, you’re able to inspect the plunger and see the crack in the rubber that will render it completely useless. This is your second sign.

Not to worry, you have a “backup plunger” (a backup to deal with… uhm… backups). You grab the backup device, return to the scent of the crime, and begin plunging. Unfortunately, the backup device is slightly inferior in design to your primary plunger (which is why the other, now defective plunger, was the primary tool). As such, it turns itself inside-out periodically, and requires a bit of “toilet rim gymnastics” to get the rubber edge flipped right-side-out again.

And so you plunge away, and pause to pull and rotate the handle, flipping the business-end of the plunger back into the correct shape. But the final pull seems too easy, and that’s when you have the third and final sign that it will be a crappy day: (more…)