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Grieving for Newton, CT December 14, 2012

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This morning, families all across the United States got their children ready for school, packed lunches (or gave them lunch money), walked them to the bus stop (or dropped them off), and otherwise went about their normal routine. This was just another school day for many families.

Tonight, however, there are families in Newton, CT that are grieving the loss of their children, along with several school officials, at the hands of a gunman. In a matter of hours, the national attention has shifted to the horrific acts of one man, and the countless lives that his actions have permanently altered. Having worked in Connecticut in recent years, and seeing the names of the various communities as part of my regular job, I can remember the people and places… vividly.

I’m grieving for Newton, CT.


Awesome Basketball March 29, 2008

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Today, I watched an incredible basketball game. Several players performed well beyond the coach’s expectations, demonstrated unselfishness and teamwork, and came back from a significant deficit to tie the game in the last minute. It was, by far, the most exciting game I’ve seen all year.


Did I see this in the NBA? I don’t think so. The Men’s NCAA Tournament? No. The Women’s Tournament? Nope. I spent the afternoon watching a Special Olympics basketball game. (more…)

Souvenirs March 25, 2008

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Billy Joel wrote a song titled “Souvenirs” on one of his first albums that included the following lyric:

A picture postcard, a folded stub
A program… from the play
File away… the photograph
From your holiday
But your mementos, will turn to dust
For that’s the price you pay
Every year, is a souvenir
That slowly fades… away

I’m a big fan of mementos and souvenirs, but not so much in the traditional sense. Yes, I buy t-shirts and hats when I visit a new place, and I tend to snap a picture here and there when I travel. My favorites though, remind me of people. (more…)

To My Son: Happy Birthday January 8, 2008

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Today is yours and Elvis’ birthday. Time to break out the peanut butter and ‘nanner sandwiches. (Or maybe the peanut butter and ‘nanner Reese’s.)

pb and nanner

Today, you’re seventeen years old. I know you’ve noticed the dramatic difference that seems to exist between being sixteen and seventeen, based on your comment the other day of “Wow… I’m old.” We laughed about that when you said it, but it’s true. What a huge difference one year makes… (more…)