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What Happens in the Bathroom… Ends Up in the Blog September 11, 2008

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This morning, after letting the dog out for his morning ritual, I decided to go to the bathroom myself. This is not really something earth-shaking or momentus, because it’s not that unusual for a middle-aged man to make an early morning trip like this, but it caused me to do  something that I rarely do, and something I’m unlikely to do in the near future.

I went into a bathroom used almost exclusively by a teenage boy. (more…)

Three (Subtle) Ways to Help an Aspiring College Athlete January 14, 2008

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The College Football season has officially ended, which means that next season has already begun. As the father of two sons who played high school football, as a former youth football coach, and as the husband of a woman who said (after celebrating our 20th anniversary by going to see her favorite team play in Detroit), “this was so much better than a cruise,” I’m always looking forward to Spring Football, and the hope of the next season.


With one son out of high school and mid-way through his sophomore year of college, and the other starting to receive calls from various colleges (with both academic and athletic questions), I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how I’ve prepared my sons for the end of high school, and the strong possibility that this ends their formal athletic careers. In watching my own sons, as well as the sons and daughters of various college athletes, it occurred to me that I’ve done three very specific things in response to my sons expressing a desire to play college sports, and I think all parents of aspiring college athletes should consider them. (more…)