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I’ve Been Roached May 11, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Books, death, Fun, Humor.

More specifically, I’ve been “Mary Roach’d.” As noted elsewhere, I’ve been reading “Stiff: Curious Lives of Human Cadavers.” The author, Mary Roach, has a style of writing that is out and out hysterical.

Yesterday morning, I was reading the chapter titled “The Cadaver Who Joined the Army,” and started laughing out loud. Unfortunately, I was on a crowded (and small) airplane, so immediately those around me started glancing my way to see what I was reading.

You can’t imagine the looks I received after they saw the cover, which features two human feet, labled with a toe tag that reads “STIFF.” My recommendation? Read this in the privacy of your home or hotel room, and not out in public. Roach will have you laughing at things that people simply should not laugh at, and you’ll enjoy the tales of dissection and cadaver experimentation so much you’ll feel guilty for it.


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[…] I’ll preface this by saying that although we own hundreds of books (maybe thousands — they line our living room, fill our nightstands, and overflow from boxes in the basement), and I love having them for reference and occasional brief forays, I’m basically pretty limited in my reading preferences. I’ll go through waves of reading one particular author or genre (see “A Book That I’m Currently Reading”), but unless something fairly specific sets me off on a new road (a recommendation from a friend, for example, or a profile in The New Yorker), it’s hard to get me to try something new. For example, I doubt very much that you could ever convince me to read popular fiction. I don’t like much fiction at all — unless it’s written by a very small group of authors whom I adore. I much prefer nonfiction, on any of a variety of subjects. […]

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