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Live OneCare Not Recommended on Vista February 7, 2007

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Apple, Computers, Humor, iTunes, Mac vs PC, Macintosh, Microsoft, Science & Technology, Stupidity, Technology, Vista, Windows.

In an surprising turn of events, the Vista version of Microsoft’s own antivirus solution, “Live OneCare,” has failed to meet Virus Bulletin’s VB100 certification. This follows closely on the heels of Apple recommending that iTunes users not upgrade to Vista due to incompatibilities.


Strangely, neither Apple nor Microsoft officials could be reached for comment. (This is most likely because it was nearly midnight when I wrote this, but also had to do with me not trying to reach anyone at those companies for a comment.) Reportedly though, laughter could be heard from near Cupertino.

While discussing Apple’s recommendation, Andrew pointed out the following:

Tim – I believe Vista has been gold code since November when (as I recall) it was made available to system builders and MSDN subscribers – not beta, but gold, ie. the same as you can now buy in the stores. Don’t try and tell me that Apple don’t have the odd MSDN subscription… 😉

He’s right, of course. Unfortunately, his comment applies to Microsoft’s developer’s too. You’d think that working in the same company, they’d get a few perks.

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