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Ode to Tuesday’s Awakening February 2, 2016

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Behold! The sound in the distance! It draws near!
Upright I sit in bed, no longer beholden to fantasies of my slumber.
I must awaken with haste!

The behemoth, I hear it. He snarls and coughs the cough of a diesel and cries with the scream of grinding gears. He approaches, even now! (more…)

Penny and the Whispering Pines January 18, 2016

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Against the pale blue sky stood a whispering Pine
Majestic and proud with its height
Distracted by thoughts and cares of the day
I confess that I noticed it not

But amidst the crackle of dead winter leaves
Discovered with every step
The voice of the Pine gently whispered to us
As wind through its needles was caught

The look in your eyes told me you heard it too
Lifting your face to the sun
In silence we sat as the Pine told its tale
And the history of every knot

The Maple and Oak nearby quietly sleep
Perhaps they have nothing to say
But in stillness the voice of the whispering Pine
Shares the solace of win’try thought


A Long Walk January 2, 2016

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It’s about 3:00 AM, and my sister and I just finished helping our 94 year-old aunt make the trip to and from the bathroom. My aunt awoke around 2:15, needed help getting out of the recliner she now sleeps in, needed some help using her walker to navigate the 30′ trip (she’s fallen several times recently), and required both help and a bit of coaching to complete the return trip.

As you might surmise from the starting and ending times, we didn’t set any speed records on our trip. However, this isn’t written to complain about the early hour, the duration of the trip, or any inconvenience this represents to me.

Fiction: Good Help is Hard to Find June 1, 2014

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Ed Note: This story contains some strong language as well as horrific imagery.

“Tickets! Have your tickets ready!”

The voice roused Scott. He wondered how long he’d been out. That was some nap.

He checked his watch… but it wasn’t there. Neither was his phone.

Now he was wide awake.

“I’ve been robbed!” he said aloud.

As soon as he spoke, he regretted doing so. He wasn’t on his train.



Fiction: Inevitable May 14, 2014

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Ed Note: This story contains some strong language as well as horror imagery.



unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary: an inevitable conclusion.
sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable: The inevitable end of human life is death.


that which is unavoidable.



That night, I saw Stu approaching the train crossing. His old Buick had acted like it was going to stall. “Train Kept a Rollin'” was blaring from the radio. I smiled at the irony as Stu angrily smacked it off.

“Come on you hunk of junk!” he yelled.

He belched the belch of too many beers, and I could see that he was nudging the gas as he braked to keep the engine running. The crossing gates were going down.

Perfect, I thought. Right on time.

“Shit,” he muttered to himself.

This was my chance. He obviously didn’t want to wait for a train.

“You can make it…”

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, Stu looked around the car, uncertain if he’d said them or not.

I had nudged him.

He looked past the tree line, but all he could see was the sweep of the engine’s light, coming down the track.


Stu just about jumped out of his skin. I could tell by the expression on his face that if he hadn’t felt his own mouth forming the word, he’d have sworn someone had yelled it into his ear.

Someone did.




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